How to Target Multi-Lingual Triggered Emails?


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    Each triggered email experience can only be in one language. So you can create a separate campaign for each language, or better yet, create one campaign with one experience for each language. Here's how you could do that:

    1. Create an audience targeting each language. For example, you could use:

    URL contains /de/ in the last X days, where X is a bit more than the delay send setting. 

    2. Create a triggered email campaign with one experience for each language. 

    The content of each experience should be one variation of your content in the appropriate language.

    The targeting settings of each experience should only target users in one of the audiences you just created for each experience. 

    For example, one experience would target the audience of users who have visited a URL containing /de/ in the last X days, and would have one variation translated into German.

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