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  • Yaniv Navot

    Hi Chris,

    We’ve been using Clearbit Reveal 7, a reverse IP technology that matches IP addresses with company names, and returns dozens of company datasets for about 30% of our anonymous site visitors. We used their API to onboard firmographic data on anonymous visitors into the DY platform.

    So now we can build Audience Segments inside the DY platform based on Clearbit’s data, and activate upon these segments with different personalization campaigns, such as this ABM widget. As of today, we have 21 Audiences based on Clearbit attributes such as the industry, company size, annual revenue, etc.

    As part of their services, they offer an API to return the logos of companies visiting the site, hence the Nike example in the referenced blog post.

    So this is the story of how we were able to target based on the industry, company name, size, etc. The widget itself was built on top of one of our out-of-the-box templates, called Available Deals Discovery Tool 4. We had to modify the code, of course, because this entire implementation was customized to us specifically - and so if you’d want to do the same thing, you’ll have to adjust the code to your specific needs, etc.

    Hope that helps. If not, you know where to find me 

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  • Chris Seidholz

    Awesome - thank you for the helpful reply (and fantastic blog post), Yaniv!

    This is a very interesting and clever use of DY audience features. I wasn’t aware of Clearbit Reveal - I can see how augmenting DY audiences with such personalized data would be powerful. Hopefully we’ll find a use case in the future for us to implement something similar.

    Thanks again!


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