Strong increase in demand for workout equipment



  • Alisha Merchant

    Hi Elias - I've seen that trend and have some ideas for you! 

    • Add “Workout from Home” (a play on WFH) in the menu and create a dedicated section for sport at home with videos and home gym products.
    • If you're able to create content and host workouts on Instagram, you can promote those on the HP of the site where you can include links to the shoes and clothing worn by the instructor.
    • You can also create a landing page and fill it with recommendations and dynamic content featuring specific workouts and all the equipment needed. 
    • By using an Overlay or Notification you can push subscription messaging to get daily workouts emailed.

    Hope this helps! 

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  • Meira Farber

    This is a great easy to use, Out of the box template for Alisha's second recommendation.  You can also find other templates to easily get these campaigns up and running

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  • Elias Montero

    This is great! Thank you!

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