Consent: how to make Users opted-out by default?



  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Tomasso,

    Have you tried checking for or calls in the network?

    When a user is successfully opted-out, no calls will be fired with this URL.

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  • Tommaso Agosta

    Hi Eliza, 

    yes, I see in the Network even though I set up

    DY.consentIntegrationActive = true before the DY-Snippet Code and sent DY.API('consent_status_update', { status: false }) 

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  • Lior Delouya


    It seems like the API you are using is only part of the solution


    DY.API('consent_optout'); is the API you are looking for, and I believe you can invoke it for any user - if user consent to data collection, you can then invoke DY.API('consent_optin');. The API above will only make the script wait with DY collection for the consent methods. 




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  • Tommaso Agosta

    Hi Lior,

    correct. Got from Support the Information that one could add the DY.API('consent_optout') as well before the script. That would probably mess up the Data you collect though.

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