How do you measure interaction rate?



  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Mark-


    Great question!

    I actually just did something similar for another one of my clients here in the US. Our goal was to measure how many users not only Saw the DY-built quiz, but also Completed It (measured by clicking "get my results"). 

    What ended up doing was creating a custom code campaign to fire an Event ON CLICK. We then mapped this event fire as a Goal (Assets > Goals) and use it as our main KPI. 


    In a similar situation here, you can fire an event when a user clicks on the element (i.e. their size). 
    Once created, you can map it as a goal and use it as your Main KPI for your reporting.


    Additional to note - all events will automatically appear in the CSV export of your campaign, regardless if they are mapped as Goals and/or used as main KPIs.


    Hope this helps!


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  • Anas Chokairy

    Hi Mark,

    Another way to more accurately represent interaction, would be to use events with handlers that would only execute once. If you have access to a front end developer, they could help you set something like the following:

    let button = document.querySelector("button");
    function once() {
    DY.API('event', {name:'Button_Clicked_Once', properties:{}});
    button.removeEventListener("click", once);
    button.addEventListener("click", once);

    The snippet above, would add a handler that would listen for a click on the given element ("button"), trigger the event on click, and the then remove the handler so the event is not fired again and again on subsequent clicks. 

    This would help you have a metric representing using clicks on the element indication the rate of interaction. 

    I hope this helps with what you are trying to achieve!


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  • Mark Quaile

    Thanks both for the great suggestions.

    Knowing how both of these variations are built, I think creating an event listener which then gets removed will be an easy addition.

    I presume if I use a standard name for this and set it up as a goal, I can reuse this across several experiments where I think measuring interaction will be useful.


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