QOW: Do you and your team target Bargain Shoppers? If so, how? If not, why not?



  • Permanently deleted user

    I LOVE THAT! Thanks Philipp! 


    I've actually been working with some customers to add a column in their feed for SALE is TRUE or FALSE if there is a sale price associated with the SKU then creating affinities off of this. 


    I think overall, one of our main challenges is understanding if folks who shop SALE drive a greater LTV in the long term. 

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  • Philipp Schröder

    It depends on your business, right? But targeting is quite easy, if you have a look at your traffic your sources. If this is not possible, use more self-segementing elements ("%SALE OFFER%", "do you want to save?") and use a custom event to identify customers who are interacting with those, and to create an audience based on this. I have an audience called "bargain hunters". They will see cheaper offers, more b-ware products, and they will (depends on stock) get higher discounts.

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