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    Kerstin Holzinger

    Hey Christian, 

    The slider wrapper custom action will take the dynamic content (List) and turns it into a slider.
    How does it work?
    1. Create a dynamic content (List) and set its insertion method to "Embed Code"
    2. Create a custom action and choose the "Slider Wrapper" template
    3. In the variables of the custom action:

    1. Provide the dynamic content campaign ID 
    2. Select the insertion type - Replace / Insert Before / Insert After
    3. Location on Page - A CSS Selector to replace/insert the Dynamic content and apply the slider

    Let us know if there are any open questions:) 
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  • Christian Ebhardt

    Hi Kerstin,

    great, that helped a lot! Thanks a lot for the fast support! :-)

    I was able to customize the DY slider with this code and now it has the same look & feel like the one from our shop system.

    Have a nice day!


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