How to setup "New Users" and Returning Users" Audiences in DY?




  • Alexander Poss

    Shouldn't frequency be "Once per Session" instead of "Once per pageview"?
    Otherwise the target "New User (first session)" doesn't fit and it will fire unnecessary requests?

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  • Anas Chokairy

    Hello Alexander, 

    "Once per page view" will work as well as "once per sessions" and will have no effect on the target in question. On the other hand, you are absolutely right and one event per sessions should be enough to qualify the users to the right audience.

    Article rectified.

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  • Edd Saunders

    Shouldn't I use 'returning' or 'Returning' everywhere? Or it's not case sensitive?


    I see you have both, lowercase and uppercase first letter here and there

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