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  • Yaniv Navot

    Although I haven’t personally served Dynamic Ads on DCM, I’ve been running them on Google Ads, and the overall requirements for 3rd party ad serving on both Google Ads and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are somewhat the same.

    When setting up a new campaign, when you reach the stage of creating new ad variations, look for an option to create a third party ad. If you can’t find it, it means you have to enable it:

    If you have a Google Account Manager, reach out to him/her or submit a request for third-party implementation for your Google Ads account with the Third-party tags and pixels implementation request form 1.

    If you don’t have a Google Account Manager, submit the Third-party ad tag implementation request for unmanaged accounts form 2. You will have to provide a CSV file with the iframe tags and campaign structure, as stated here: “provide ad tags with trafficking/mapping instructions.” A sample CSV file can be found here 1.

    As to your second question, you should be able to control the “tagging template” from your DCM account, and choose between an automated URL tagging vs manual tagging.

    Hope that helps.

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