Does DY Store PII?


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    Thanks for the question!

    Dynamic Yield stores “Personal Data” as such is defined under the GDPR, and may store “Personally Identifiable Information” as defined under various US legal regimes.

    Under GDPR, any data contained within a “Persistent Online Identifier” is considered to be “Personal Data”. As all collected data is stored within a Dynamic Yield assigned identifier which remains persistent on the data subject’s browser, all collected data is considered to be “Personal Data”. For more information on GDPR, please feel free to check out our dedicated page, video and post at 1.

    Under US law, we may store plain text emails, which are considered to be “PII”, under certain circumstances, the most prevalent of which is when we deliver Email Personalization, and when CRM data containing such emails is onboarded to the DY platform. Plain text emails are stored separately from other user data and are encrypted to ensure maximum security.

    We employ sufficient technical and organizational measures to safeguard all collected data, and Personal Data / PII in particular.

    We have appointed a Data Privacy Officer (DPO) to oversee our privacy program. You may contact him at with any further questions.

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