Product strategy for all products without the recent viewed



  • Alexander Mikhaylov

    I may be wrong, but if I understood correctly - then - this allows you to exclude recently viewed

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  • Peer Mosch

    Hi Alexander,
    Yes I can use it to exclude the recent viewed product but the algorithm prevents that all others are shown:

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  • Maya Gorlicki

    Hey Peer, 

    If you only have 10 products and 9 slots, and a user has viewed more than 2 products the user will get a blank slot with removing the recently viewed.

    In general - If you use the strategy of most popular for those ten products with excluding the recently viewed you should see all the products in that list you have not recently viewed (recently viewed in the last 90 days). 

    With that being said limiting the strategy to 10 products is not ideal. I would ask what are you trying to achieve to understand if there is a better set up. 


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