Using DY Campaigns as a CMS


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  • Lior Delouya

    Hi Jordan,

    • Personalizing a (landing) page based on URL parameters is a pretty standard experience to create using DY. 
    • With regards to downsides, the question is what alternatives do you have... from my experience, doing it with DY is relatively easy and will save expensive time.
    • 4-6 products should be OK to maintain - not anticipating issues. But there might be ways to scale this using recommendation widget workaround (include all the information in the data feed, and set the context of the page to "PRODUCT" will allow you to pull the information on the fly using DY.feedProperties) 
    • The pros of using this method -> having all the traffic landing on the same page is better in terms os SEO as far as I'm aware and also have shorter tests (traffic is not divided across different landing pages allowing faster significance)
    • One last thing, you will have a report for every product and how the campaign performs in the light of this product. 


    BTW - a possible easy implementation can use the Multi Touch feature - every experience is a product with different touch points (content sections. )


    Good Luck


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