Is there a maximum number of experiences per campaign?


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    Maximum number is 20.
    The only thing to consider is that having too many experiences, means that many of them will probably not recieve significant traffic. When thinking about creating a campaign with 20 experiences, you should consider if the value of over-personalization is meaningful enough to maintain it.

    Edit: It is possible to contact support to have the limit raised.


    Another thing you might want to consider is how you want to look at campaign results:

    In DY you get a report at the experience level, so the more experiences the harder it is to:

    • measure the overall value of the campaign
    • compare performance across experiences
    • measure the overall value of using segmented experiences vs. targeting everybody

    If you have more than a handful experiences, i’d consider serving the segmented experiences test (child test) as variation of a custom action (parent test).

    Then you’ll be able to compare against a control which either:

    • doesn’t get anything (–> value of campaign vs. no campaign)
    • gets only the fallback/non-targeted experience from the child test (–> value of segmenting vs not segmenting)
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